Sunday, February 8, 2015

Introducing Clip and Dab! and a FREEBIE

   Where did the month of January go? I don't know about you all, but I always dread the month of January. It seems to linger on and on and on! I think it may have been the numerous days of 50 plus degrees here in Colorado. It makes rolling into the month of February so much more delightful...not to mention the almost 70 degree forecast this past weekend!

   I have spent the past couple of weeks working with the kinder and first grade off-track kiddos. Every week when I get a new bunch of kiddos it always surprises me how hard they work and want to be at school even though their peers are enjoying their off-track vacations. It makes my job so effortless and enjoyable that these kiddos truly want to learn and appreciate the extra support.

   We have been utilizing my new "Clip and Dab!" number sense and alphabet packets the past couple of weeks. I love how the Clip and Dab allows for my kiddos to use clothes pins to "clip" their answer on the activity card and then record their answer on the accompanying sheets. I like how engaging these activities are and allows for extra fine motor practice squeezing the clips and my kiddos love any opportunity to use bingo daubers or watercolor crayons on their recording sheets. Have you seen or used watercolor crayons??? They are the neatest little invention. Kiddos color with the crayons and then add water to make the watercolor effect. Genius! I picked mine up at Target for a couple dollars.

   Each Clip and Dab packet comes with teacher instructions for each activity, two "I Can" visual posters, activity cards, recording sheet, and answer key. All you need to supply is the clothespins! Here is a peek at Clip and Dab! Number Sense.

 You can get each Clip and Dab! by clicking on the image 

Grab this FREEBIE by clicking on the image to download from my TPT store.


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