Monday, September 21, 2015

Managing and Setting Reading Goals

  As I finish-up my last week of track-off I've decided that it's time to get my mind back into the classroom. Before we tracked-off I took some pictures of how my first grade kiddos have been keeping track of their reading goals. We started at the beginning of September by creating our goals. After conferring with each one, many of my first graders already knew what area they thought they needed to work towards.Some of my other kiddos needed a little more support in choosing their goal which we based off of small group and intervention data. We utilize several parts of the Daily 5 and I revamped the CAFE wall to meet the needs of my first graders. 
Here is a look at our "CAFE" wall. The skills that my kiddos are currently working towards are listed below each of the headers Comprehension, Accuracy, Fluency, Extend Vocabulary.
After conferring with each of my kiddos to choose their reading goals they each wrote their name on a small sticky note and "stuck" it to their new reading goal.

I wanted to create an easy way to record and manage the activities that my kiddos are working on in small groups and one-on-one conferring to meet their reading goal. I also wanted something that was easy to share with interventionists, parents during conferences, and easy for my kiddos to use. Here is a peek into what we have been using the past month in our classroom. 

You can grab this reading goals management tool in my store now. Click on the image below to view more or to purchase. 

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