Monday, July 15, 2013

Those Darn Garden Critters & a FREEBIE

   So I thought I had finally solved the problem of the mischievous bunny in my garden that ate all eight feet by 5 feet of my strawberries, but then I found this yesterday...
   My boys giant cabbage plant it being invaded by an intruder! Poor plant is being eaten by (I am assuming) a very hungry caterpillar. I need to rack my brain as to how to protect the rest of the fruits and veggies. My poor boys have only been able to pick jalapenos, which they do not eat. I need to think fast because our raspberries are starting to grow.
   These little critters are making me think of all the fresh fruit and veggies that "could have been". So in return I made the perfect apple math centers for my kiddos Daily 5 rotations.
 Graphing Apples
 Place Value Match {Expanded Notation}
 Analog & Digital Time Match
 Addition & Subtraction
Odd & Even Sorting
   All these juicy apples made me want even more so I made long e sorting trees. My kiddos will read the words on the apples and sort onto the tree that makes the same long e sound.
You can get both these products in my store by clicking on the images below. My sorting trees are a FREEBIE!!!

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