Sunday, September 22, 2013

Last Week in Pictures

   It has been a CRAZY week! Hence the reason from the blogging world for a week. I have been trying to get over my allergies, help heal a sick kiddo at home, and help the other kiddo with his physical map geography project. Anyways, here is a look at what we were up to last week...
   We spent our math block reviewing place value. We also worked with ordering numbers greatest to least, least to greatest, and comparing two sets of numbers with <, >, or =.  My kiddos loved our end of the week review games before we took our post assessment.
Here we are working in cooperative groups using plastic toys to make each side of the equal sign the same.
Does this equal?
Using place value mats and manipulative to build numbers. This kiddo needed a little support when it came to her tens!
Place value GO Fish! This was a rotation favorite.
Place value lacing shoes. These were a summer find at Lakeshore Learning. There are base-ten pieces on one side of the card and numerals or expanded notation on the opposite side. Kiddos take a shoestring and lace back-and-forth to match their answers.
My Building Numbers flipbook. You can read about how I made them here.
We also made little alligators to help us compare numbers with the greater than or less than sign.
   Our Daily 5 is underway during our Walk to Read rotations. My kiddos in the intensive room have done a fabulous job building their stamina for read to self, writing, and word work. Here are some of my kiddos using our reading tools while reading to self. They are allowed to use the whisper phones (Lakeshore Learning), pointers, big glasses, or reading buddies (beanie babies). These silly little tools have helped my kiddos stay on task longer because they know its a privilege to use them.
    Well its going to be another busy week! I am going to a training on a new reading intervention tomorrow so I am hoping my substitute can teach my kiddos how to make pancakes tomorrow!!! (We are learning how to incorporate transition words in how-to's)

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