Saturday, September 7, 2013

Super Sentence Hero's and Working on Writing Stamina

   I cannot believe that we have already completed three weeks of school! Where has the time gone? I feel like my kiddos are finally getting into the swing of the classroom routines and expectations. With beginning of the year testing almost complete my teammates and I are ready to begin our official Walk to Read rotations on Monday.
   Our Leadership Data Notebooks are going so well and my kiddos are finally able to complete three activities each morning during our warm-up without my prompting. YEAH!  More to come on how I use my data notebooks daily.
   This week my writing kiddos became SUPER SENTENCE HERO'S! Using my punctuation unit, and the cutest little superhero masks I found at Michaels, we began by reviewing what types of sentences receive a period, question, or exclamation marks. We sorted super sentences onto an anchor chart...
   When we had a good idea of punctuation marks at the end of sentences we made our own asking and telling sentences to place on our classroom cape.
   Once all of our sticky notes were placed on the cape we read the sentences aloud and my kiddos superhero's held up the correct punctuation mark to match the sentence.
(I love how they are looking to see if they have the right punctuation mark.)
   We made a punctuation flipbook, a cut& paste practice page, and finished up our unit by making our own little superhero punctuation marks.

 In addition to our superhero unit my kiddos finally got the opportunity to begin to explore the writing center. My kiddos from my Walk to Read room also were introduced to the writing center to build their Work on Writing stamina.
    Here we are working with letter stamps, etch-a-sketches, and finger puppets.

 My Walk to Read kiddos are up to 12 minutes of writing stamina! I was so proud of all of them being real pretend words, scribbling, or sitting doing nothing. My writing kiddos also did well with the materials when they finished their work. This week they will have "fancy" paper and stickers.
   You can get my Super Sentence Hero's Unit in my TPT store by clicking on the link below.






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