Sunday, October 6, 2013

9 Days Counting & This Upcoming Week

   With conferences this upcoming week I prepared this weekend the perfect with the boys! I did also work on some math and literacy centers for November. My classroom kiddos have been having such a blast practicing their stamina with our math work bins. They have become experts the last couple of days and can complete these bins independently. Can I get an AMEN! We are 9 days out from implementing Daily 5 Math full-force in second grade. Here is a look at my little mathematicians hard at work play this past week with my Apples Math Centers available in my TPT store.
 Graphing with Halloween erasers
 Matching addition and subtraction equation apples to there apple answers
 Matching analog time to digital time to the hour and half-hour
 Matching expanded notation apples to there numeral
 Sorting numerals by odd or even
Grabbing a small handful of apples and graphing.
   I am so proud of these kiddos! They are LOVIN math, which is making me love math. We have 90 minutes of math each day and I have been hearing this last week moans and groans when I say that it is time to clean-up. They want to keep learning. Our plan this week is to continue building our math writing stamina, with my math journals and word problem stories, and math work skills. Our goal by next Monday is to be moving on to Math with Someone and Math Technology.
   Our writing block is working really well this year too. As I have mentioned before my teammates and I have included science and social studies into this block as well. Last week our kiddos worked really hard to incorporate what they learned about the pumpkin life cycle into an expository writing piece. This week we will learn how the seasons and weather impact living things. After an autumn read aloud we will introduce our kiddos to facts vs. opinions and hit our opinion writing standard. Our goal is to write "Why Autumn is the Best Season". Here is a look at the anchor chart we will use to introduce fact and opinion...
and a sneak peak at our craft for Friday...
   This is a tree template that our kiddos will color and cut-out the middle. Kiddos will then rip autumn colored paper to create "leaves" and place in a baggie. We will tape the baggie to the back of the tree template and glue a blue piece of paper to the back. When dry the leaves will "fall" from the trees when tipped back and forth like a snow globe.
   With only four days of school this week I am unsure if we will have any kiddos make it to the writing center, but if they do they will get a spooky surprise with these little Halloween critters. These are also the same creepy crawlers that I will throw into our math work graphing bin when I place my Halloween Math Centers into our bins next week.
Have a great Monday!!!

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