Saturday, October 19, 2013

Going Batty & Math Centers

   Have I mentioned before how much I love teaching writing? Well I do and this past weeks unit is one of my favorite to teach...BATS! My teammates and I are combining science and social studies into our writing blocks so this past week our kiddos built their background knowledge of bats to write a Cinquain Poem. Here is a peek at some of our work...
Our vocabulary words & picture cards with an anchor chart of Bats "can", "have", "are"

 Using a T-chart to distinguish between mega and micro bats.
 Our noun, verb, and adjective chart to help aid us in writing our Cinquains
Writing our Cinquain Poems on bat templates and cutting out
   We will spend this upcoming week writing an expository piece based on all of the facts we learned last week about bats. The kiddos will be introduced to explaining sentences to help upgrade their paragraphs to eight sentences. YIPEE!!!
   My kiddos were so excited on Friday during our math block. Mostly in part because we begin our Daily 5 Math rotations on Monday, but also because I placed my Halloween centers into our math work bins. Here is a look spending one last day building our stamina with partners before they will be come independent machines on Monday.
 Candy Corn Place Value Puzzles
 Harvest Apple Numeral Sorting
 Monster Number Name Sorting
 Spider Odd & Even Sort
 Haunted Fact Family Houses
 Batty Place Value
Ghostly Graphing
   As I look through my plans for the week I cannot believe that November begins next week. Time to finish my Thanksgiving centers!!!

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