Friday, January 31, 2014

Guess What Day It Is?!?!?!?!?

   I have been so incredibly jealous of many of my blogging buddies over the last several weeks of their snow days. Living in Colorado we are used to having many inches of snow and cold one minute and then warm sunshine the next. We have not had as much accumulating snow this winter as a typical winter. So when the snow came a fallin' last night I was crossing every finger, toe, eyelash you name it. I even set the alarm clock 30 minutes later just in case. And did it work?!?!? Guess who has a snow day? I am so excited to have an extra day home with my own kiddos! But, I could hear the grown of my classroom kiddos from my house when they got the call. Today was supposed to be our big Super Bowl extravaganza to root on our BRONCOS. I have decided if our team wins on Sunday we will just have a Super Bowl Champions extravaganza on Monday now that we need to move our 100th day to Tuesday.
   Speaking of the 100th Day of School here is my little first grade kiddo with his 100th day project.
   He was so excited to use Goldfish crackers although we counted to 100 numerous times because someone kept slipping some into his little mouth. When I finished helping Ashton with his project it was time to prep my classroom kiddos 100th day activities. That we now get to celebrate on Tuesday thanks to today's snow day. (I cannot mention this snow day enough!!!)  Here is a look at some goodies my kiddos will get at the end of the day.
    I LOVE me some Scholastic products! With my order of The 100th Day of School From the Black Lagoon ($1/book) my order came with free bookmarks, stretchy bracelets (my kiddos are crazy for these bracelets right now), and cards for each of my kiddos with a code for a free Storia eBook download. Plus, I received 32 coupons for my kiddos for Valentines Day to select a free book worth $5. The cute little bags I had leftover from last Halloween from the Target Dollar section when everything went 90% off. And the 100th Day awards and stickers are currently in the Target Dollar spot. This is how I put them all together in about 10 minutes...
   I just slipped everything inside of the bags and attached a quick little tag to the front. Cute right???? Throughout the day on Tuesday we will complete some activities from my Hip, Hip Hooray! 100th Day of School mini-unit in addition to some cute little activities from Pinterest and some of my favorite blogging friends. You can nab my mini-unit in my store for the magic number of the day $1.00 by clicking on the image below.

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