Saturday, February 1, 2014

My Heart Skips a Beat for the Simplest Things

   So I have been going back and forth about what to put out for my classroom kiddos this upcoming week in our writing center and in math & literacy bins. I know all kiddos love Valentine's Day, but with the Winter Olympics beginning next week too it has been a HUGE dilemma in my life!!! But a quick glance in the Target dollar section (a teacher's treasure trove) solidified the answer for me. Look at the cuteness I found...
   Yes, those are miniature mailboxes with lids that pop off! My own kiddos were so embarrassed with the little squeal of excitement I made when the mailboxes and I made eye contact. I know it is the little things that make me so excited. So with the mailboxes sitting on my counter, and a couple little plastic heart containers I had leftover from last Valentines Day, I busted out 8 math centers this morning. My plan is to have a LOVE theme in my classroom the next two weeks and then transform my room into Olympic central the rest of the month. You can grab a copy of my math centers below by clicking on the pictures below. And as an added treat everything in my store is on SALE for the entire weekend to celebrate our BRONCOS in the Super Bowl.



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