Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Fluency Games Galore

   While working with my intervention kiddos I am always looking for interactive ways to build their fluency of sight words and tone and expression. My kiddos have loved using my One Smart Cookie {Fluency Phrases for the First 100 Fry Words} but are now ready for more of a challenge. I am getting ready to introduce two more sets of games for my kiddos to use Catch Those Bugs! {Fluency Phrases for the Second 100 Fry Words} and Bowling for Fluency {Fluency Phrases for the Third 100 Words}. Both these packs offer three interactive games as well as ten fluency pages and trackers that can be used to create a notebook or placed into a fluency center. Here is a peek at Catch Those Bugs!

  There are ideas of how to organize your games included. I print, laminate, and place all my pieces into large envelopes with the game header glued to the front of each envelope. Then I laminate the outside of the envelope to keep from wear and tear.  
   Here is Spraying for Bugs! Kiddos can use a clear plastic spinner or a paperclip to spin and grab a bug that corresponds to the color on the spinner. Kiddos will read the phrase on each of the bugs. This game can be played with or without a timer.
   In Bug Collecting kiddos will read as quickly as they can the phrases on each of the bugs. This game can be played with a partner and students can place bugs in the "correct" jar or "try again" jar on various fluency mats included. This can also be played with or without a timer to fit the needs of your students. 
   In SWAT! A Memory Game kiddos will use two sets of bugs and flip over playing the traditional Memory game, but must read the phrases on both bugs flipped over. You can add plastic fly swatters for kiddos to use to "swat" the two cards they want to flip over or I have included two swatters that can be printed and laminated. 

   If your kiddos are ready for more of a challenge I just finished  Bowling for Fluency utilizing the third 100 Fry words. Again three interactive games are included with ten fluency pages and trackers to create or add to your exciting fluency notebooks or centers. Here is quick preview. 
   I have bundled all three Fry Fluency sets together. You save over $3 than if you purchase the sets separate. Click on the image below to begin your kiddos fluency adventure! 

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