Tuesday, March 24, 2015

All About Insects

   Is it finally starting to get warmer in your backyard? Springtime in Colorado is a bit like riding a roller coaster. We enjoy highs of 70 degrees and then the next day it can snow and be in the 30's. As much as I love Colorado these spring ups and downs really play with your allergies. Plus its time for the Bug Man to come out and spray for those pesky creatures that start to come out of the woodwork! Ewww bugs...just in time to begin learning about insects in the classroom!

   Over the next couple of weeks my intervention kiddos will be working on everything BUGS! I love learning abut insects, just not cohabiting with them. I just finished my newest iPad QR Code Listening Center Books that we will be utilizing during center time. Click on the image below to download from my store.

   We will also be using my Ant Informational Writing unit as well. You can click on the image below to download from my store too.

    And I am finishing up my newest unit Squirmy Wormy:Digging Deeper to Make Ten. I'm hoping to have it finished and posted by the weekend as I'm needing it for my kinder kiddos next week so we can "buggy out" our number sense! Here's a sneak peek....

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