Monday, April 13, 2015

Animal Mania! Nonfiction Close Reads

  After many requests I have bundled just my nonfiction animal close read texts and activities together from my Warming Up to Winter! unit. I don't know about you, but my kiddos LOVE close reading nonfiction stories. My intervention kiddos already struggle with vocabulary, background knowledge, and comprehension before they come into our off-track session. Close reads allow my kiddos to focus on one short text  and "dig dipper" into it.

   Included in Animal Mania! {14 Close Reading Texts & Activities} are articles about moles, hedgehogs, rabbits, owls, badgers, fox, bear, mouse, pig, horse, hen, geese, cats, and dogs. Each article contains simple text with content specific vocabulary and vibrant photographs. Activities for each nonfiction article also includes vocabulary cards with the word, meaning, and visual representation, note taking recording sheet, comprehension text evidence response sheet, and true/false sort. Here is a peek at the close reading activities.

Nonfiction text with real photographs and fact boxes. 

Large vocabulary cards: Laminate and cut the vocabulary word, picture, and meaning apart. Place in pocket chart for reference or as a sorting game in a center. 

After reading the text kiddos can record their new knowledge on the animal note taking recording sheets. 

Kiddos will be able to demonstrate their understanding of the text by referring back to the article to find the evidence to support their answer. 

Use these true/false sorts as an assessment or as a center to demonstrate if students really understood what they read. Differentiate by place with the animal article for kiddos who may need more support or alone without the article for your high flyers. 

   You can grab Animal Mania! {14 Nonfiction Close Reads & Activities} by clicking on the image below. Happy reading!

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