Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Take Home Literacy & Math Bags

   I have been wanting to create take home literacy and math bags for two years and decided this past weekend that I would start to create this massive project. I have so many multiple copies of books in my classroom that I want to put to use. I began by creating 25 themes that any fiction and non-fiction book could fit into. My plan is to have 25 themed canvas bags that will hold at least three fiction and/or non-fiction books, a writing journal, and various themed literacy, math, and science activities that my kiddos can take home. They will each also have a parent letter, list of materials, and directions for all activities. I will make labels for each bag and have a check-in and check-out system for the bags too. I am not going to expect this as homework, but more of an extended way for my kiddos to build their background knowledge and practice literacy and math skills with loved ones! I am planning on sending home a parent letter and permission slip at the beginning of the school year and then begin sending home the packs at the beginning of September. Because each bag will have various activities I want my kiddos to have plenty of time to explore each pack so they will go home on Thursday's and come back on Tuesdays. My plan is to finish all 25 take home packs this week so I can begin printing and laminating all of them next week after my summer school session. It will take a little bit of work to put all of the bags together, but I truly feel that it will make such a HUGE difference for my kiddos in and outside of the classroom! Here is a little sneak peak at two of my bags...

I will post pictures of the actual bags when I begin putting them altogether. 

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