Tuesday, August 20, 2013

First Day Jitters...I Think Not!

   When I woke up this morning with the best nights sleep in weeks I was kind of nervous I was not nervous to start the new school year. My kiddos are AMAZING! It is just day one, but they are all so sweet and polite. It helps if you have some jitter juice to make all those nerves go away!
   The one thing I always realize the first day of school is how long procedures, routines, and expectations take. I swear my voice is so rasp from talking so much today. I have not talked so much in forever, although my husband would beg to differ. When we finally got to the real teaching today I was so excited to use Amy Lemons Let's Get Started {Beginning of the Year Activities} pack. Today my kiddos got to play and explore with different math tools we will use this year. They wrote on their recording sheets what they thought the tools would be used for.
 Base Ten Pieces
 Unfix Cubes
 Pattern Blocks

Clocks, dice, and coins
   Tomorrow we will review these math tools and then complete Amy's tools vs. toys sort. Well last nights great sleep better carry over tonight because this teachers tired!!!

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