Friday, November 1, 2013

The Day After Halloween...Sugar Overload!

   Does anyone else feel like they were run over by a bus? The day after Halloween should be its own national holiday or at least a teacher work day. I am so exhausted from our Halloween festivities yesterday and all my kiddos were Energizer bunnies today. Too much sugar perhaps? Yesterday we celebrated our bat unit with a fruit bat cookies and cupcakes were allowed. It took a little convincing to some parents that we needed fruit donated and not sweets and boy did they come through! We had so much fruit we could have feed a full colony of bats!!! Here is a few pictures of how we spent our day exploring and learning with bats.
 Rolling and adding up two or three dice and then adding or subtracting 10 to find the sum or difference.
 Don't they look so cute in their costumes?
Did you know that a bat can eat over 600 mosquitoes in one hour?
  Making our 100 mosquito plates.
 Bat Stew...yum!
 Adding or subtracting our "stew sticks" and sorting into the correct answer cauldrons.
 Bat Fact Families
 Measuring various sizes of bats with the grossest candy ever made...CANDY CORN. Don't you just love this little superhero and white rabbit from Alice in Wonderland?
And an interactive center rotation with my kiddos favorite Lakeshore Learning Promethean board game....Place Value Haunted House. You can purchase this awesome resource HERE.
   I am really glad my kiddos had a great time trick-or-treating even though I feel as if we did not get that much learning in today. I am just grateful that we did not have any meltdowns including myself! 

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