Sunday, November 3, 2013

Where Are All of the Turkeys?

   So I feel like the time change could not come at a better time. I feel totally recouped from the Halloween craziness. I spent Friday afternoon putting all of my Thanksgiving themed math and literacy centers out and updating the writing tools and resources in my writing center for the kiddos to use. I wanted some more Thanksgiving themed stickers and headed out to the stores yesterday. Can you believe that all of their "fall" items were already on clearance and I couldn't find anything turkey?!?! Did I sleep for more than that extra hour last night and Thanksgiving already passed us by? I love Christmas, but come on...I want to celebrate Thanksgiving too! After five stores I finally found my stickers for my kiddos sticker stories.
   Here are the resources my kiddos will be using the next couple of weeks before fall break and our pumpkin life cycle writing unit from a couple weeks ago. Click on the images to get a copy for yourself.
   This upcoming week we will begin our Persuasive Letter writing unit. Our kiddos are having a Thanksgiving feast the Friday before fall break so we are writing letters to our awesome superintendent  about why he should come to our feast. We will be using three stories this week to help guide us in our persuasive writing.

   Sophie Peterman Tells the Truth is one of the funniest stories I have ever read so I am excited for my kiddos to hear it. This was one of the books I have worked on for Booksource. Another reason why I am so excited to be creating teacher resources for them as I get exposed to books I can use in my classroom! We will be using an anchor chart from KinderGals to help brainstorm our thoughts as cooperative groups to create two groups letters as practice before we will work on our own persuasive letter. You can click on the anchor chart image below to be taken to KinderGals to download the anchor chart for FREE.
   In math we will be using ads from local businesses and restaurant menus to add together items we want to purchase if we began with $5.00. We will be doing ALOT of whole group purchasing before our kiddos begin purchasing on their own. Pictures to come later this week! I am also so excited to see our benchmark and advanced kiddos from our Walk to Read room present their readers theatre during our literacy intervention block. I think it is going to be so motivating for my intensive kiddos to see and hear their peers reading so fluently and with accuracy.
  Have a great week and keep an eye out for those turkeys!

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