Tuesday, May 14, 2013

End of the Year Countdown

I cannot believe that we only have 7 days left of the school year! WHAT?!?!? Many of my kiddos are getting a little anxious for the summer to begin. The weather here in Colorado has added the summer feeling with highs in the 80s too. My kiddos began our Balloon Countdown last week. I just placed little activities into each balloon and hung 12 up on our Focus Wall. Then each morning, before our Walk to Read literacy block, each one of my kiddos gets a turn to try and pop one of the balloons. It has been so entertaining to watch my boys use so much power to try and pop the balloons with a dart, but it has been my girls who have popped most of them! Here is what our countdown looked like our first day. I know some of the balloons look a little wimpy, but I am always afraid that they are going to pop in my face when blowing them up!

Our final days will also be spent remembering the activities and memories of the past year. My kiddos will create a memory book to record these moments. I have put it as a FREEBIE in my TPT store! Click on the picture below to download. 

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