Sunday, May 26, 2013

Summer Vacation Already?!?!

   I cannot believe that it is finally summer vacation! Before I let my kiddos go on Thursday I gave them just a little treat to start their "cool break"!
 Inside of clear goody bags are small water bottles, a colorful silly straw, and lemonade mix.
 Each tag reads, "Water" you waiting for? Get your creative juices flowing for a cool summer!
   I have lasted two days, well really a day and a half, without doing anything classroom related. Usually at this time on Sunday's I'm prepping anchor charts or typing my classroom newsletter. It is so hard for me to not think about my classroom or new kiddos I am getting in the fall. Thank goodness I am volunteering to do summer school in June and July to keep me sane. I know most teachers countdown the seconds until summer break. Me on the other hand, I think there is something lose in my brain, I countdown the days until I get to go back into my classroom! I have been keeping myself occupied by relaxing on the deck watching my boys play...
and working in the garden...

we are going to have so many strawberries!


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