Friday, May 3, 2013

Walking Museum

All of our second graders three weeks of research culminated today with our Walking Museum of Science. Each one of the second grade classrooms were divided into dinosaurs, space, animals, and insects and bugs. Here is a look at the outside of our classroom door as you walk into Prehistoric Journey...
My kiddos made it look like you were walking into the mouth of a T-Rex dinosaur! There were even little steaks with my kiddos faces on them. The inside of our classroom was transformed into a dinosaur paradise. We had rain forest storm and bird music playing and various learning stations.
Our kiddos got to sort dinosaurs by carnivore or herbivore based on their physical characteristics.
My kiddos paleontologist  folder and research book.
Our trace imprint fossils
Our amber pieces
After setting up our room we got to walk to the other classrooms to see all of their hard work. Here is a look at two of the other classroom doors as we walked inside.
 The Space Room
The Animal Room
Our kiddos had so much fun getting to see what their friends ended up researching. Our first grade buddies even came to show their support. I think they are a little more excited to come to second grade now!


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