Friday, December 27, 2013

A Bitter Sweet Christmas and a New Baby

   I hope all of you had a fabulous, restful, and magical Christmas with family and friends. After cooking and cleaning for family the last couple of days I was glad to have a quiet day today. It was definitely a bitter sweet one for my family as it will probably be the last in our current home. My hubby has been making the almost 2 hour trek daily to work each day the past 10 years so we have decided to move closer to his work. Taking down the Christmas decorations today was a little sad as this is the home my youngest has grown-up in, but I know great things will be in store for us in 2014! Beginning with our newest family member...
   Say hello to our Cockapoo Zoe! Our plan yesterday was to hit up the sales at the mall, go to the movies, and have a nice dinner. Well, while we waited for the hubs to finish his chair massage (did you know they give these in the middle of the mall? I think it is a little creepy, but the hubs loved it) the kiddos and I decided to take a look in the pet shop. Did I for once think we would walk out with a puppy. NO WAY! But once my kiddos locked eyes with Zoe the waterworks began. Not because they knew they could not get a puppy, but because she looks very similar to our former Cockapoo Jack who passed away several months ago. Well how do you say no to that...especially with the hubs who is a sucker for the boys. Thank goodness we got a ridiculous deal on her.
 We were a little emotionally drained last night so do not let his face fool you. They are besties already!
Awwww! Love at first sight. 
   Who knew a puppy was like having a brand new baby! We are kennel training so our house sounded like the beginning scene from Lady & the Tramp last night and we did have to go outside twice, but the new baby comes with no weight gain and soft hypoallergenic fur!So relaxing, grading writing prompts, and finishing some upcoming units will take a little longer than expected. But how can you be too bummed by this face...


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