Sunday, December 22, 2013

Christmas Around the Classroom & Saying Goodbye to Manning

   I have to start this posting by saying how much I LOVE my new blog design by the 3am Teacher. She did such a fabulous job and I feel like I have a new baby in my life! Check out her store on TPT here and her blog here for fabulous ideas and clip art!
   It feels so weird not prepping for the classroom tomorrow. Wait, who am I kidding!!! I cannot wait to sleep in and finish up Christmas shopping. Speaking of Christmas last week was very eventful in the classroom. Here is a look at our week in pictures...
 My kiddos parent gifts.....reindeer hand print melted crayon art!!!
   Here's how we made these precious works of art. We took simple canvases and stamped our hands on them with various brown colors. We then hot-glued crayons to our "fingers" except the thumbs. My kiddos favorite part was taking a blow dryer to the tips of the crayons to melt them. 
 I then took all of the canvases home and mod podge reindeer heads on under each hand print. 
 Only 23 to mod podge and add red noses to. 
 We also made reindeer food to go along with our art, but we got to eat it! 
 What are presents for parents without presents for kiddos too? 
 Each kiddo received a book on their level, pencils, stickers, candy, and free book coupon from Scholastic. 

   Along with all of our festivities last week it was time to say goodbye to a little elf. Manning ended his mischief on Friday. My kiddos had grown so attached to Manning in his short time with us. A few tears were shed on Friday as they left the classroom. I knew they all wanted to give him a hug, but they were too worried about him losing his powers to fly to the North Pole. Here is a look at some more of Manning's daily shenanigans.
 Making snowflakes. How artistic is he!
 Someone let Happy Feet out again, but this time for a snowball fight!
 Who made this mess?
 And this mess? This very tidy and organized teacher was a bit anxious with the mess Manning left. 
 Manning's letter says, "Santa does not like messes not one little bit. Hurry you better clean up and make it quick!" And yes, he is hanging from the ceiling. 
 Someone is trying to rush the 100th day of school!
 Where am I supposed to read???
 Someone got together with Ms. Laboy's classroom elf, Brandon, and messed with our principals computer!
 Manning and Brandon having too much fun with the photocopier. 
   And even more pictures of the two besties! Manning wrote on the white board, "Brandon made me do it!". After the laughter from my kiddos they all decided that Manning was not making a good choice blaming Brandon for all of the pictures posted around the room. So they suggested that he needed to be more proactive and take responsibility for his actions. They are just too cute!
   And this is what my kiddos found on Friday. It was fitting that Manning had bells for each kiddo as it was our Polar Express day. This little guy will be missed, but he has a more important job to prepare for the next two days!

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  1. That is hilarious!! I love the artistic snowball fight...