Sunday, December 1, 2013

Christmas Around the World & The Night Before Christmas Units

   Are you getting excited for Cyber Monday?!?!? I have added two more Christmas themed units in my Teachers Pay Teachers just in time for the big sale tomorrow and Tuesday. Remember to enter the code CYBER to get your full 28% off!
    Tomorrow we start our Christmas Around the World unit. I am so excited because this year we will be rotating our kiddos through all three of our rooms to "visit" each country in 30 minute rotations. One of my new kiddos to the building told me at the beginning of the year that she loved going to other classrooms last year in her school. I loved that idea of our kiddos traveling to each room instead of my teammates and I teaching to our own writing kiddos. And doing it this way lets our second grade kiddos travel to even more countries...16!!! Tomorrow I will have my normal writing kiddos so we can build our background of maps versus globes, continents, and modes of transportation. We will then make our suitcase, which will hold each countries crafts, and our passports so we are able to enter the country classroom. You can grab my "Christmas Around the World" unit over in my TPT store. (Remember tomorrow you can get it for 28% off!!!)

    This week in my Walk to Read room my kiddos will not have their typical intensive rotations. My two Walk to Read teaching buddies will begin winter assessments (WHAT!!! ALREADY!!!) and my kiddos will stay in my room for the whole 90 minutes! We are going to be working on a lot of the ELA Common Core Standards. I am using my The Gingerbread Man Compare & Contrast Unit this week and then next week we will use my The Night Before Christmas Compare & Contrast unit. I am so excited for this unit because it contains four retelling crafts. I love me some crafts!!! Retelling is the comprehension strategy we are working on for the month of December. You can grab this unit over in my store too. (Do I have to mention that it is on sale tomorrow?!?!?)

   Have a great night and set your alarm clocks a couple minutes early to snag some great deals in the morning!

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