Tuesday, December 31, 2013

The Ultimate Comprehension Guide & a FREEBIE

   I am sooooooo excited to have put the final touches on something I have been wanting to create and implement for weeks now. And it so happens to come on the eve of the New Year. How appropriate right?  Drumroll please.....
   The Ultimate Comprehension Centers Pack has been a vision in my mind for so long and now I can finally touch it! I have been wanting something that my kiddos could use in guided reading group and then transfer into independent comprehension centers to solidify their comprehension knowledge. Many of my kiddos need the extra boost of comprehension saturation and now I feel like I can help them achieve it. I have included sample lesson ideas, pictures, and read aloud suggestions for the following strategies; visualizing & mental image, making connections, predicting, inferring, retell, sequence, questioning, determine importance, problem & solution, cause & effect, author's purpose, and a bonus context clues & vocabulary game. Each comprehension strategy contains a poster, mini-poster, multiple activities, games, and interactive journaling pages which adds an extra dimension to my kiddos learning! 
   I am also so excited to introduce my kiddos to the independent comprehension center bins when they come back in January too! This pack gives you a detailed "how to" set-up your own centers with all of the organization and labeling tools you will need to get your kiddos down the path of comprehension success! All you need to do is add the leveled books! You can grab this pack in my TpT store by clicking on the images below. It will even be on sale the next two days to celebrate the New Year! I have also included one of the many cause & effect activities below as a sample of the activities you will get in this huge 100+ pack. Let me know what you think!

POP! A Cause & Effect Freebie

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