Saturday, April 6, 2013

Long i

I always love going to Target to see what items they have added to the dollar spot. It was hard to contain my excitement when I came across these...

To the normal person,like my boys, these would be perfect to serve dinner fries in. Not to me though! I instantly thought of an upcoming lesson in my F.A.S.T. Literacy with Long i words. These are just too cute to eat out of. (My boys would strongly disagree to the point that I will have to go get another pack for them tomorrow!) I updated my boring construction paper yellow words, that I used last year, to new brightly colored fries in my Teachers Pay Teachers store. I have even added red fry pockets just in case you cannot find these at your store. I have included a link below to my store, but the first five people to leave me a comment will get a freebie!

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