Sunday, April 7, 2013

Spring Sight Word Games

Cleaning up the yard, planting some flowers, and my bird nest in the grill gave me a couple "spring" ideas to add to my word work centers tomorrow to review sight words. When I make activities or games I like to use what I already have around the house or cute items I find at the store that are "cheap"! The first is called Spring Words. I just took a little box and a bag of butterfly confetti (both I found at Dollar Tree) and wrote some sight words on them. I made sure to write the word "Spring" on at least five confetti pieces. I will have my kiddos pick one word out of the box. If they can read the word, they get to keep it. If not, they will place it back in the box. If a kiddo pulls out a "Spring" piece they will have to put all of their words back into the box.
 My nest in my grill made me think of Angry Birds. If my boys are not reenacting Jurassic Park they are throwing Angry Birds at each other. I found these cute little plastic containers at the Dollar Tree (12 to a pack) a few weeks back and bought them for a future project. I just took strips of white paper and wrote sight words and green strips to make the Bad Piggy. My boys got two sets (12/set) of mini Angry Birds from Costco at Christmas. They gave me the approval to let my classroom kiddos borrow them. I am also borrowing one of my boys "boomerang launchers" from one of their Angry Bird games. I am going to have my classroom kiddos pick one word at a time, read the word, and begin to build the "tower" in a minute. Each kiddo has three tries to launch their Angry Bird to knock down all the Bad Piggies on their tower. I already have visions of birds flying through the air! Good thing these birds are soft.

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