Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Quotation Marks

I was so proud of my kiddos today with remembering how and where to use their quotation marks in a sentence (even with a snow day yesterday)! On Monday, we introduced quotation marks with an anchor chart and song. Today my kiddos used macaroni noodles as their "quotation marks" on eight task cards. They then wrote their finished sentence on a recording sheet. I was so impressed with how hard my kiddos worked on making sure their macaroni noodles were facing the right way and copying their sentence with their "almost third grade" handwriting.

My kiddos love reading comics during our "Magazine Monday" warm-up so tomorrow we are going to practice using quotation marks in cartoon bubbles. I found the book below a couple weeks ago in the Target dollar bins that will be perfect for my kiddos to use! I plan on doing a couple together on our Promethean board and then letting my kiddos imagination go wild with their own.
I have put my macaroni quotation mark activity in my TPT store. Click on the link below to download it!

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