Thursday, April 4, 2013

Upcoming Dinosaur Unit

I am so excited to begin our dinosaur unit next week. We are taking our field trip to the Museum of Science in May and decided to make our own 2nd grade museum. Each of our four second grade classrooms will have a theme; Space, Insects/Bugs, Animals and Habitats, and Dinosaurs. Can I say how excited I am to have gotten dinosaurs. Having two boys that can identify any dinosaur and have so many of them that my classroom kiddos can "borrow" makes me smile. Not to mention that my oldest son is planning on being a paleontologist when he grows up!  We will spend one week learning about various dinos, their diets, size, and the lucky paleontologists that get to dig the fossils up. Then my kiddos will research a specific dinosaur and write a research report for two weeks. We will then present to our classroom friends and only lucky kiddo will even get to present their report to our first graders. I am so excited to incorporate art into our dinosaur unit before we transform our classroom into Prehistoric Journey. We will then get to tour all three of the other classrooms and share our museum with the first graders.

I have included just a few of the items we will use next week. We will add updates as we venture into our dinosaur unit and I will post my full unit in my Teachers pay Teachers account. In the mean time I have put a little freebie of my unit below.

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