Saturday, April 6, 2013

Spring Writing Center

It must be almost the end of Spring Break because my blue IKEA bag (AKA my Mary Poppins bag) is full to the top. I had just enough room to add some spring items for my writing center. Other than my classroom library, my writing center is my second favorite place in my classroom. I switch out all of the materials every two weeks to keep it fresh and new for my kiddos to be inspired. All of my kiddos know that if they finish their work during our writing block they may use anything in the writing center to continue the writing journey. I will change out my Easter items with these on Monday...

I love bugs...if they are plastic that is. I have one themed basket in my writing center and my kiddos know they can pick anything out of it and write about it! I have found the last two years that if I have anything my kiddos can touch, hold, wear, etc. they are much more excited to write about it than just a boring anchor chart to refer to. I found most of these items at the dollar spot at Target, Dollar Tree, or my boys playroom.

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