Sunday, April 7, 2013

Upcoming Spring Activities

It was a beautiful Colorado day to start working in the yard. We have a huge snowstorm planning its way in on Tuesday so we wanted to do a little spring cleaning outside before it arrived. My husbands idea of a "little cleaning" turned into buying every possible fertilizer, grass renewal, fertilizer, pellets, and more fertilizer at Lowes. Right now it smells a little "fresh" around our house and I am pretty sure after the snow melts mid-week I am going to have a forest in the front yard! While the husband was prepping his grass my boys helped me plant some flowers and clean out our garden.

Our strawberries and raspberries have seemed to have taken over! All this spring cleaning gave me some inspiration to start working on some Spring Literacy and Math Activities. Maybe we will have a snow day on Tuesday so I can finish it up??? Here is a little sneak peek....


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